Saturday, May 17, 2008

If it ain't broke...

I finally made it over to Mom's to get the long awaited photos. I have to say I feel a little guilty about sneaking around behind her back.

But only a little...

I told myself it's therapeutic.

I hope it is.

I'm just going to start out slow with this. A couple of pictures at a time is probably all I can handle.

Here we have a typical drawer in the kitchen. This one happens to be the utensil drawer. Some interesting facts about this particular drawer:

1. It is actually much cleaner than I've seen it in years. I wonder where the rest of the silverware is being stored.

2. This drawer is never closed. Did I say never? Good. Because this drawer is never closed. Well, once after my Sis and I did a "clean up" we closed it. But as soon as Mom got back from her vacation it got opened right back up.

3. Because it is actually broken as well as always open, the cupboard door below it must also be open to prop it up. As seen in this picture... (same drawer, different angle)

4. I think it broke about 15 years ago...

5. Mom's rationale is that since my Dad is such an "unhandy" guy and she just never has the money to pay those overpriced proffesionals, this is just how she has to live. With a broken drawer propped open for 15 years... yeah right.

This is another drawer in the kitchen. Same problem, same solution.

Oh yeah, and same excuses...

It's a little harder to see the drawer in this shot. Just look really close... there you see it?

O.K. So here's my take on this little "situation". Yes, the drawers are broken. No one is denying that my Dad isn't the greatest at fixing things. Maybe the professionals ARE overpriced...

BUT SERIOUSLY!!! Normal people don't live like this... do they? What's really going on here is the fact that the drawers are actually too stuffed full of crap to actually function and when they finally broke, my Mom found the perfect excuse for not closing them again, EVER. Whew... what a relief that must have been for her. Now she can blame it on my Dad's poor fix-it skills.

To be fair to my Mom, I don't think that she consciously realizes that this is what she is doing. It's just another way the "hoarding" has taken over her otherwise pleasant personality.

Of course that doesn't mean that you (or I) could point this out to her and she would see the logic. No, she has her own logic and part of that is that she is never wrong. Hoarders (at least in my experience) can talk their way out of anything. But that's another subject for another day!